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When you have a legal problem or opportunity, there is nothing more important than knowing you have the right lawyer at your side. At Lauby, Mankin & Lauby, LLP, thousands of satisfied clients since 1998 agree.

Founder Kirk Lauby established the firm in 1998 with a belief that the focus of a law firm must remain on meeting the clients’ needs. That means taking the extra measure to find intelligent, creative solutions to even the most complex problems.

Since opening the doors, Lauby, Mankin & Lauby has grown to expand our services by bringing in talented lawyers to represent our clients in ever expanding areas of law, that include California Employment Law, Construction Defect Law, Personal Injury Law, and many other areas of practice in Southern California. 

If you are seeking the best Southern California legal representation, look no further than Lauby, Mankin & Lauby, LLP. To receive a free legal consultation, please contact us today!

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