Does your employer force you to go through a mandatory security check? Or are you forced to stand in a long line waiting to clock-in or clock-out? If so, you may be entitled to unpaid wages, penalties and other compensation.

Employers often force employees to stand in lines at a security checkpoint or at the time-clock machine. But issues arise when employees are forced to clock-out and then wait in the line without pay. Issues also arise when standing in the line shortens the time you get for a meal period. For example, if your employer provides a 30-minute meal break, but you are forced to stand in a line for 5 minutes, then your meal period is actually shortened to 25 minutes. Even standing in a line for 1 minute may be illegal, as California law says that you are entitled to a full 30-minute meal period and pay for all hours that you are under the control of your employer.

If your employer forces you to stand in a line, please contact our attorneys who specialize in these claims for a free consultation because you may be entitled to unpaid wages and substantial penalties, which may total in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

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